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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 17, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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there's not much you can do johnson's print car hit and killed his 14 el-year-old cousin, marcus johnson. also killed wag dale wondergem of agrees way. chase johnson's family secluded themselves from the media with a sign saying they wanted privacy. friends of the families left flowers and notes at the muffler shop. michael lives in the area and knows the. >> john: -- knows the johnson family. the didn't hassle -- >> marcus was a sweet kid. and i know that his dad loved him very much. >> probably the best person to be around most of the time. he was always nice and nice to
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talk to. reporter: michael said is sat but will continue to race. johnson had his own close call two years ago, his car flipped over during a race but johnson was unhurt. chase johnson was not hurt in the accident, and no one else on the racetrack was injured. thual ya -- the shakes -- sheriff's department is investigating. >> new tonight at 6:00, four people suffered minor injuries after a small pickup truck slammed into a thrift store in vallejo this afternoon. firefighters evacuated at least 40 people from the store. the impact knocked out a large portion of the store's front doors and windows. and also sent merchandise flying. >> right now we have a building engineer evaluating for structural damage and we have a contractor coming out to shore it up and make repairs.
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>> carolyn: paramedics treated the driver. no word on when the thrift store might re-open. police are questioning several people after a double shooting and a standoff in oakland overnight. all gap around 1:30 this morning two victims showed tip hospital. one of them had died, the other in serious condition. they were traced back to a home where lengthy standoff followed. police took several people into custody from inside the house. the death is oakland reside 1st homicide this year. >> police in pin know are searching for couldn't accused of trying to abduct a 14-year-old girl. described as 19 to 20, thin build, eye brow piercing. the girl says he grabbed her by a wrist after first offering her a ride when she walked home from school. he was last seen driving a silver four-door car. >> baseball fans are converging in san francisco for the world
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baseball classic at tt at&t park. jerry -- sergio is live. reporter: it wasn't too long ago that san francisco started sunday parking meter enforcement, and if you have to find an open parking spot you'll notice some shocking new meter prices. it will now cost $7 an hour to park at a meter in this neighborhood. it's called special event parking, and from here on out, all special events at at&t park. including giants home gains, will be at this rate. the other change people should know about, meters will run in this neighborhood until 10 pl for these special events. now, the new parking price came as a shock to baseball fans hoping to catch the matchup between japan in puerto rico. >> have to think twice about
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coming up here or maybe do mass transit itch together. i don't know, $7 an hour is ridiculous. >> nelson and his family took mass transit into the city for the game so they did avoid the high parking prices. the new price is part of a new program by san francisco to manage the city's limited parking meter spaces, and if you do the math, for two hours, at one of these meters, it will cost 14 bucks. the alternative is parking in a neighborhood parking garages, and i just checked out some of those. they're charging for today between 20 and $30. so the meeters are actually still a little deal compared to the parking garages. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> carolyn: thank you, sergio. new at 6:00. residents and merchants on polk street in san francisco have the choice of two meetings to attend about parking changes.
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at issue is the municipal transportation agency's plan to remove some on-street parking to make polk a more inviting place to walk and bureaucrat. one -- to walk and bike. one meeting is for support for the plan and the other meeting is for those who want to keep the status quo. still to come at 6:00, a warning for drivers. the new crackdown on using the cell phone behind the wheel. >> big changes ahead on bart. what you can expect to see next week. >> a coverup in the east bay this weekend. not quite what you think. the people lending a hand to help
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>> the foaling breaking news in the east bay. all northbound lanes of 680 in walnut creeking shut down because of a fatal accident. the chp says a motorcycle and at least one car were involved. one person was declared dead at the scene. we don't know about any other injuries. we'll keep you up to date. follow breaking news on twitter@abc7 news bay area. >> get ready for a big crackdown on distracted driving, aimed at
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people who text or talk on cell phones while driving. the ticket costs $159 and many people don't believe it's costly enough. >> bart is tacking a second look at the bicycle policy allowing bikes on trains. the program comes with a couple restrictions. the first car of each train is off limits and during rush hour no bikes will be allowed in the first three cars of the train. the test program runs this week only and ends on friday. >> just ahead, another big celebration -- a cancellation for the san francisco symphony strike. the latest on what is ahead for musicians. rain is on the way. so when witness -- when will it arrive? leigh glaser has the forecast. >> mike: the warriors on a three-game road trip starting in houston. it's a must-win today. we have
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>> another major cancellation caused by the san francisco
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simple offend strike. the east coast tour has now been cancelled. it included a date at carnegie hall. ♪ >> so far four concerts in san francisco have been cancelled because of the strike that began on wednesday, according to symphony management musicians rejected a federal mediator's proposal to resume playing while negotiations continue. the musicians are unhappy by the proposal that would include a pay freeze. >> it wasn't an undercover operation but a covering up in oakland today, patienting over graffiti. a group of volunteers used gals of paint to consecutive graffiti on walls on kennedy street. dire says he is determined to clean up the city. >> already done a couple of sting operations and the individuals do not live in oakland. they just come to oakland and paint it up, graffiti it, and dump it. and so we're fed up with that and we're going to take action. >> dire says he picked up a lot
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of needles where he was painting, an indication that people are coming to the area and making bad choices. he says one of the challenges in oakland is to give those people a reason to change. gorgeous weather out there today put changes are on the way for us. meteorologist leigh glaser is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> leigh: you're exactly right. heading into the middle part of the work week we get a change in the season, from winter to spring. we'll talk about that in a moment. live doppler 7hd right now, not picking up any returns so although we do have cloud cover, mainly high clouds, no moisture falling from this cloud base at this hour. looks like it will be tuesday night and wednesday before the bay area seize the next chance of rain. beautiful shot here. high definition east bay cam. these are a look at the highs for today. santa rosa, 0. oakland. 6. concord, 70. seasoned -- santa cruz, 73. these temperatures down four or five degrees from yesterday.
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at&t park behind me there, folks gathering, san francisco, 54 right now. oakland, 56. half moon bay, 50 degrees. and high definition rooftop cam showing you the embarcadero, milky sky, high clouds moving in. santa rosa 6 2. livermore, 62. 64 in los gatos. let's get to the forecast highlights. high clouds stay with us off and on tonight. cooler day monday. start to see more clouds by monday afternoon, and then get ready for rain returning tuesday night, and the first day of spring on wednesday. lows tonight with high clouds in the north and east bay location. mid-to-low 40s. a little warmer near the peninsula and near the water's edge. san francisco tonight, dipping to 48. 44, half moon bay, san jose, 45. this is the setup. high pressure responsible for bringing us just a string of
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very springlike, 70-degree temperature days. the past five or seven days. it's starting to lose its grip. we're already starting to see the high clouds advance. the cold front, this is what we can expect on monday. increasing clouds. by tuesday afternoon, that is when the first batch of showers should start to move in fromle the next cold front. this is monday. 6:00. and you can definitely see the clouds increasing. we'll take you into tuesday morning. 5:00 a.m. that looks good. the high clouds. check out the evening commute. this is 3:00. that's when the first wave of moisture, tuesday, 3:00, in the afternoon, and then by 6:00, the rain is over the bay area, and it will continue to move through tuesday night and early wednesday morning. turning to showers by wednesday afternoon. highs tomorrow, come down a few more degrees with more high cloud, 67, san jose, palo alto,
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66. san francisco, 62. north bay, not as many 70s. mid-to-upper 60s. oakland, 67,,,. >> the rain will move in tuesday evening across the bay area. cooler temperatures for the first day of spring. spring showers on wednesday and then we'll start to warm things up. friday, saturday, sunday, mid-to-upper 70s, maybe topping out near 80. gang, another abc7 news has another great weather resource, file on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. you can get video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power outage information and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. live doppler 7hd busy. >> this sports report brought
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you by: >> mike shumann is here now with march madness. mike. >> mike: like trying to get invited to the prom. you never had to worry about that. oregon, arizona, cal, got the nod, and st. mary's is in, but for an extra game. the 11th seed in the schefft will face missile -- middle tennessee in a play-in game. cal plays unlv in san jose so good news. cal state is local. bad news, unlv is a solid team but mike montgomery and the squad happy to be in the tournament. >> i think they're excited about the matchup. we've played them once and we're excited about the location, makes everything so much easier. >> definitely surprised we get to play so close to home and all that stuff, so hopefully we can get a good fan base out there and get a good crowd to be
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behind us. >> mike: louisville is number one. kansas top dog in the south, indiana the one seed in the east, and gone saga, top billing in the west. >> warriors hit the road for three games, starting today in houston. they have a half game lead on the rockets. no room for error in the final 15 games. war seth curry to thompson. easy money. then curry, lighting it foundle -- lighting it up from half. and then jeremy lin, to the rack, gets the rockets to within five but that's as close as they would get. the putback off jack smith. oh, my! the warriors back up 12 and win 108-78, take a game lead over houston for the playoffs. >> cactus league action. a's hosting the cubs and things are heating up in the desert.
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two runners on for chris young. not miami. a three-run blast to. he first of the spring. a's on top. then in the third, the wish to josh dan nadalson, see you. oakland had 6-1. cubbies would tie it up about rosales has a two-run blast, bottom seven and bottom eight. fighting for the second base spot. the a's win 12-6 giant giants and rockies, pablo sandoval scratched for discomfort. tim lincecum on the mound. fifth inning, brandon belt. opposite field. top seven, cuddyer again. the rockies take the lead but gill -- paul gillespie hits the
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walkoff home home and the giants win it. >> raiders signed kevin burnett, played nine years in the league. last two with miami, his brother is with the raiders. unfortunately the raiders lost tight end brandon meyers to the new york giants. 806 yards and four ttds. >> the silver and black need to find player ford carson palmer to throw to. >> le another new winner on tour. kevin streelman finely -- finally finds the inwewinner circle. great round for boo weekly, 8-under 63. he round of the week. his approach on 16, inches from the cup. he was the leader going goo clubhouse. streelman, tied for the lead. third hole. trying to get close for bird. on lane, drains it.
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on 17, steel money, -- streelman, one-stroke lead, he is up two, and boo weekly knows it's over. his first win in 153 chances. gets him into the masters for the second time in his career. >> world baseball classic underway at at&t. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> love the look of the giants green baseball caps. >> doesn't match but it's st. paddy's day. >> a bit of movie magic at the box office this weekend. how0s is --
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>> join my tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. researchers say earthquake wases can turn water into gold, and the fight over immigration in the u.s. the bay area group who says they have the true road to citizenship. been oz is working more magic at the box office this weekend but the prequel to the wonderful wizard of oz is number one. oz has now earned
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$281 million worldwide. the halley berry thriller, the call, was number two, and the incredible burt wonderstone opened in third place. jack the giant share fourth, identity i have to in fifth. that does for us. for ama daetz, leigh glaser, and ike shumann, thanks for joining
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> right now, deking out with "the big bang theory." >> thank god it's on the d.v.r. so there's proof that it happened. >> getting romantic on "new girl." >> i like how they stop themselves from connecting. >> country comes to town. >> too good to be true. >> sweet success withof nas the of nashville. >> plus, the movie hoping to make magic at the box office. >> we're rolling out the red carpet now. >> haye, it's connieritton and you're watching "on the red carpet." >> welcome to "on the red carpet," from the los angeles museum of art. i'm rachel smith. we're hear to check out this incredible exhibit honoring stanley kubrick. some call him a visionary, even a magician with film. our entertainment guru takes us to this week's red carpet magic show with "the incredible burt wonderstone." >> rachel, i'm just hanging out,
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or maybe hanging above the las vegas strip. but there's a very good reason or this. magician wunderstone uses this in the move to revive his career before it vanishes into thin air. >> to me magic is like santa claus for aduts. it's so much more fun to believe it. >> steve carell has been a believer all his life. >> i had a mattel magic kit when i was a kid and i performed for kids in the neighborhood. i'd put on little shows and stuff. >> jim carrey also puts on a show, conjuring up his character, rival street magician, steve gray. >> this guy is really a mess. i love the fact that i have no idea what he's going to do next. >> he's a svengali, a mind twister. that's what i loved about it. >> when you get carrey and
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